Remember the Beautiful Gulf This Earth Day

Over the past two years GRN has been incredibly fortunate to work with a number of talented and passionate individuals who have brought their expertise to collaborative efforts for a healthier Gulf.Photojournalist Julie Dermansky is a stellar example of that network. This guest post and photo slide show is a small sampling of her work.It’s been two years since the start of the BP oil spill and the death of 11 men. After covering the spill in-depth, I began photographing the wetlands that were not affected by the spill. Containment of the spill saved these bayous and lakes, waterways that eventually all make their way to the Gulf of Mexico.These images will, I hope, serve as a reminder of what is at stake when industry cuts corners, as they did that terrible day in April 2010.To see more of my wetlands series click here.To see my oil spill coverage click here. Regards, Julie

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