Back in April 15 New Orleans environmental and social justice groups organized an event on the levees of the lower 9th ward to urge immediate action on climate change. It was a great event, with great music, food, speakers, and a great photo (which even showed up on the New York Times website). Unfortunately, we didn’t get what we wanted, and Congress still hasn’t passed legislation to avert the climate crisis. So we’re doing it again. This time, we’re drawing attention to the continuing absence of climate leadership with the most quintessential of New Orleans festivities – a second line! We’ve invited every member of the Louisiana congressional delegation and every candidate for president – so far, Senator John Edwards alone will be shaking it to Da Truth Brass Band with us (Sen. Clinton and a number of the other presidential candidates will be attending other Step It Up events).But we need you! This Saturday at 2 PM, the first 200 people get a free “Save New Orleans – Stop Global Warming” t-shirt! Visit this website to RSVP and let us know you’re in! There will also be speakers, food, beer, sustainable energy workshops (you can check out the Art Egg’s solar panels!).We know New Orleans is ground zero for climate change impacts, but not a single member of the Louisiana congressional delegation has agreed to attend our event (and that includes Gov-elect Bobby Jindal). What are they afraid of? Green jobs? A stable climate and all that means for the Gulf’s sea level, hurricanes and our subsiding coast? Visit this site to send them another invite to our event. Aaron Viles is the GRN’s Campaign Director

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