Scavenger hunt for a healthy Gulf

Reviewing the rulesHuge thanks to NOLA Brewing for supporting GRN through the Easter Keg Hunt on April 17, 2011. Teams enjoyed the sounds and sights of a beautiful afternoon in Mid-City New Orleans as they sought out clue locations. Following the scavenger hunt, the afterparty was filled with NOLA Brewing beer, prizes, music by The Colin Lake Trio, food by Taceaux Loceaux and A Fork in the Road food trucks, and lots of Easter-themed fun. Thanks to all participants and business stops–Bulldog Mid City, Mid-City Yacht Club, Lemonade Parade, Finn McCool’s Irish Pub, and Bayou Beer Garden–for supporting a healthy Gulf!Eir Danielson is GRN’s Development Director Awarding prizesDancing bunnies

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