September Edition of Wave Maker’s News

Throughout this long, hot Gulf coast summer, GRN’s Healthy Waters team has been working hard to protect the rivers, bayous, and streams of the Gulf, and deal with the ongoing impacts of BP’s drilling disaster. From fighting a limestone mine in the heart of Florida’s Nature Coast, to pushing Louisiana to do a better job combating the Dead Zone, GRN is committed to preserving and enhancing our healthy waters and communities.For more info about our recent efforts and successes, check out the September edition of Wave Maker’s News: this edition:Fight Against Limestone Mine in FL’s Nature Coast Heats UpFlorida’s Nature Coast contains some of the most beautiful, and untamed areas in the state, but a new limestone mine and nuclear plant could strike a dagger into the very heart of the Nature Coast. In this article, read more about GRN and the Nature Coast Coalition’s efforts to protect this amazing region.Dead Zone Clean Up Must Start with Commitment from LACheck out this article to learn about GRN’s efforts to make sure that the state of Louisiana acknowledges that the Dead Zone is a problem, and starts taking concrete action to reduce it.Questionable Projects in the Name of Oil Cleanup and DefenseContinuing our role as government watchdogs during the BP drilling disaster, GRN’s Healthy Waters team has been working on a number of fronts to ensure that bad projects don’t make the impacts of this disaster even worse.Feds Consider Plans for Locating Subsurface Oil and DispersantsRecently, the federal government held a series of meetings to get scientific input on their plan to monitor the Gulf for subsurface oil from BP’s disaster. While these hearings were illuminating, we have yet to see how committed government officials are to sharing their findings with scientists, and the public.Something Stinks in Hattiesburg, MississippiHattiesburg, Mississippi may be a thriving college town, but its sewage treatment lagoons are not adequate for such a large town. Subsequently, these lagoons have been a chronic source of violations and pollution discharges, and don’t smell all that good to boot. Now, GRN is working with local residents to do something about it.Bird’s Eye View of Kemper Coal SiteGRN’s Raleigh Hoke recently flew over the proposed site for the Kemper coal project – a proposal to build a massive, dirty coal plant and mine in central Mississippi. Check out this article to find out what he saw, and read the latest update on this destructive project.

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