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As we mark the one year memorial of the BP oil drilling disaster this week, oil is still impacting the Gulf and our coastal habitats. GRN relies on supporters like you to make donations, take action, and spread the word that the fight to restore the Gulf of Mexico will continue for years to come.Another way to show your support is to enjoy products from companies that share in our passion for a healthy Gulf of Mexico and contribute a portion of profits to GRN’s work. See our website with music, jewelry, soap, books, art, t-shirts, hats, bags, and other unique items that make great gifts for graduations, weddings and events throughout the year. Remind your family and friends that the Gulf continues to need many strong voices for protection and book, Eye on the Gulf Coast, presents the story of the recent events along the Gulf Coast, as seen by New England artist Paul Gaj. It is a unique perspective on the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and the remaining devastation from hurricane Katrina along the Gulf as well as the resiliency of the people and the beauty of the land and waters.Anchor Girl is a brand of eco-friendly gear and clothing aimed at athletic, adventurous young women – and the men who love them. We are a community of artists, activists and artists making the world a better place. Our mission is to create great products, inspire others, and protect our oceans.BirdProject is creating black, bird-shaped glycerin soaps to help fund clean up in the Gulf. Through the daily act of washing, you will eventually free the clean, white, ceramic birds inside – potent symbols of restoration and recovery.

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