Stop the Kemper Coal Strip Mine

The shaded areas represent lignite coal reserves.Strip mining for lignite coal is a nasty process. Thankfully, few of us have had to directly bear witnesses to how it impacts communities, and nearby rivers, streams and wetlands, but that could change if a North Dakota mining company is allowed to move forward with its proposal for a massive coal strip mine in Kemper County, Mississippi.Over the course of the proposed mine’s 40 year life span, thousands of acres of wetlands and miles of streams will be permanently damaged. And if this mine is allowed to move forward, it could serve as the poster child for future dirty lignite strip mines throughout much of the state.Right now, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) wants to hear what you think about this dirty, expensive and unnecessary coal mine. If you’re from Mississippi, please take action and tell MDEQ to reject the Kemper coal mine: areas where lignite strip mining has been underway on a large scale for decades, it has caused significant destruction and disrupted local communities. For example, in Germany lignite coal mining has displaced more than 300 communities and over 100,000 people! It’s time to say no to this boondoggle in Kemper County, Mississippi, and no to dirty, lignite coal mining in the hundreds of Mississippi communities potentially at risk. If you’re from Mississippi, please send MDEQ your message now.Raleigh Hoke is GRN’s Mississippi Organizer.Kral oyunlar kral oyun Oyunlar oyun – En kral oyunlar1 giydirme oyunları giysi oyunlarI oyunlar1 kral oyun kral oyun kral oyun araba oyunları – giydirme oyunları kral oyun mario oyunları savaş oyunları çocuk oyunları

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