Study Finds Tar Balls Still on Alabama’s Coast

It has been over 4 years since the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico occurred and a recent report issued by Auburn University reveals oil, in the form of tar balls, is still being found on Alabama’s beaches. This report shows what locals, walking along the beach, have known all along. They’ve been noticing the tar is still in the sand on their beaches. One woman remarked on the strong petroleum odor emitted when one of the tar balls was broken apart.According to a WKRG in Mobile, the Auburn University researchers state one of the reasons tar balls are still being found on the beach is because the oil is buried in the sand and takes longer to degrade. BP was quick to contradict the scientists’ findings and, as usual, downplay the severity of the situation, sending a statement to the news outlet proclaiming the tar balls and other residual material are not harming any of the aquatic life on Alabama’s coast. BP’s response to this latest study is just another one of their tactics to absolve themselves of responsibility and to downplay the effects of one of the largest and costliest environmental disasters ever. A disaster that, to this day, is affecting Gulf residents and the environment we are living in. We’ve seen BP continuously try to make the public believe that the oil is all cleaned up, but we at GRN, and you, know this is simply not true. The oil is still here, and so are we. To read the full article click here. Bryan Clarey is GRN’s Media and Communications Intern.

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