All over the country on December 4th, at over 50 scheduled events, Home Depot was urged to stop selling unsustainable cypress mulch! Thanks to everyone who helped make the December 4th Cypress Day of Action a success.I just got back from Atlanta where our soggy Day of Action at the Home Depot Corporate Headquarters made a splash! The fifty pounds of Louisiana blue crabs I brought from Lake Pontchartrain were a big hit, and we made sure corporate executives at Home Depot heard about the cypress mulch issue. From having a crab boil and holding banners in plain view of their giant headquarter building to passing out flyers to employees leaving work and dropping off over 10,000 petitions, we made our presence in Atlanta felt (check out pics on GRN’s flickr page). We got a blurb in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and you can head over to read our press release.At the same time we were boiling crabs in Atlanta, activists from all over the country were calling CEO Frank Blake asking him to come down to have some crabs and learn about how the company can help save cypress forests.In New Orleans, over 25 people came out to our local event (more pics on flickr), and successful actions are being reported in Brooklyn, South Carolina, and throughout Louisiana. If you made it out to a store, send an email and let us know how it went!Yesterday, we came one step closer to ensuring real and lasting protection for our cypress forests! Thanks for all you’ve done to save our cypress.Dan Favre is the Campaign Organizer at GRN.

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