Tell BP To Clean Up Its Act

While BP hasn’t been able to stop the flow of over 200,000 gallons of oil a day into the Gulf of Mexico, they have been holding some things back. After lots of pressure, BP finally agreed to release a 30-second clip of their video of the underwater oil geyser, but they’re not sharing the rest. Also, some recently unemployed fishermen and shrimpers are still waiting to be hired to help clean up.As this catastrophe worsens, BP is trying to control the “spin” to maintain a positive image by limiting public information, but they need to be putting everything they’ve got into containing their oil drilling disaster.Help GRN call on BP to:* Make impacted coastal communities whole again,* Provide honest and fully transparent assessments of the disaster, and* Pay for all impacts and clean-up without standing in the way of an effective response.Conflicts of interest are becoming clear. Oiled birds, the classic image of an oil spill that BP doesn’t want you to see, must rely on BP to be found and cleaned. Independent monitoring of the situation is being made more difficult, while BP controls the majority of air and water sampling data.This is one of our country’s largest environmental disasters. The Gulf of Mexico’s coastal communities, our marine wildlife and environment, and Americans everywhere deserve more than PR spin from BP.Please visit the link below and take action to make BP clean up its mess.

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