Tell Gov. Jindal to Stand With Our Wetlands

Did you hear that Governor Jindal has come out against efforts to hold the oil industry accountable for the wetlands they have destroyed? Tell the Governor that he should be making sure the oil and gas industry fixes what it broke!The official, Governor-appointed board which manages the levees and storm protection system for the New Orleans area recently filed a lawsuit against nearly 100 oil and gas companies which have been linked to the destruction of wetlands.This is a historic step, because while scientists have shown that at least 36% of Louisiana’s catastrophic wetlands loss was caused by the oil and gas industry, no state leaders have ever held them accountable. Louisiana is losing an average of a football field worth of wetlands every hour, so this is a critical effort to bring some of the wealthiest corporations in the world to the table and make them fix what they have destroyed.Why is the Governor speaking out against this lawsuit? These wetlands make up our coastal lines of defense which help protect coastal communities. This is a critical issue, and only getting more urgent as sea levels are rising and storms are getting stronger.Join with us today, and urge the Governor to support efforts to hold oil and gas companies accountable for helping protect Louisiana’s coast and communities.Cynthia Sarthou is GRN’s Executive Director.

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