These Photos Remind Us Of What’s At Stake

Let’s all take a moment this Saturday and join hands to protect our coasts from dangerous offshore drilling and to restore the Gulf of Mexico. For the second annual “Hands Across the Sand” worldwide event, we will be standing together with tens of thousands of people all over the world to make a positive statement for a clean energy future. This is a good time for us all to refelect upon the disaster that unfolded on our beaches and shores all across the Gulf, and to show unity as we move forward in the fight for our collective healthy Gulf future. Take a look at these images and then be sure to join one of the Hands events below or find the one nearest to you.In New Orleans, we’ll be gathering at “the Fly” to call on Congress to take action for the Gulf. It’s been over a year since the BP drilling disaster began and Congress has yet to pass legislation to restore or protect the Gulf or our communities. Congress needs to direct BP’s Clean Water Act fines back to the Gulf so that we can restore our threatened ecosystems. Our elected officials also must act to give impacted communities the ability to monitor future oil and gas activity by creating a Gulf of Mexico Regional Citizen’s Advisory Council.In Tampa, Florida, thousands of citizens, businesses, political leaders and organizations will unite, in demonstration of opposition to expanding coastal and offshore drilling, and support for cleaner energy choices. Participants in Florida are asked to wear red, white or blue to represent protection of our precious resources.In Mississippi, people will join hands at Biloxi Beach, across from the Edgewater Mall and call on Congress to take action for a healthy Gulf. BP’s oil is still out in the Gulf, and we are still experiencing impacts along our coast, in our waters and in our communities. It’s time that the federal government make BP pay to truly make things right in the Gulf and protect the Gulf and all of our coasts from future disasters.For all events, participants should meet at 11:00 AM at the nearest Hands location listed on the website, Where possible, Hands participants are asked to carpool, ride a bike or use public transportation to represent protection of our precious resources.Across the nation and around the world, tens of thousands of people will be joining hands along their beaches to make a positive statement for a clean energy future. Come join hands with us in solidarity to raise awareness about the consequences of offshore drilling, in defense of coastal communities whose livelihoods have been severely affected by the BP drilling disaster.Jonathan Henderson is the Coastal Resiliency Organizer for GRN.

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