It’s unconventional, but we figured in these economic times, people don’t need to feel more depressed. We need to start dealing with global warming pollution now but talking about the climate crisis doesn’t have to be a downer. That’s why local conservation groups working on solutions to global warming invited concerned citizens down to the Marigny for the Crawl for the Climate. Over a hundred curious people filled up Frenchmen street to get tips to save the climate in a festive atmosphere. Marigny clubs supported the event by offering free cover, drink specials, and live music to crawlers.The message at the crawl was clear: global warming is a problem that has solutions.Yes, there are solutions. The scary predictions are just that: predictions. There are many ways we can avert the crisis.We make personal decisions everyday that affect our own carbon footprint (see some carbon saving recommendations below). This list is hardly exhaustive and we encourage you to do as much as you can on a personal choice level, but that is not the end of it. We also need state and federal leadership to tackle the big global warming pollution emitters. It will take a concerted and united effort to pull back from our fossil fuel burning ways, but it can be done! Click here to take action now.Some do it yourself solutions:1. Save water! Water treatment plants use a lot of electricity. So, turn off the water while brushing your teeth.2. Powder! Powder detergents take less water to make and less fuel to transport.3. CFL! Change bulbs to compact fluorescents, they use 75% less energy.4. Kill the Vampires! Electronics use a lot energy even when they are off. So, plug electronics and cell phone chargers into power surge protectors and switch off the surge protector when not in use.5. Park the car! Use public transportation or rideshare.6. Inflate! Properly inflated tires make cars use fuel more efficiently.7. Turn down the heat! Turn your water heater thermostat to 120 F.8. Burn carbs, not carbon! Ride your bike or walk to your destination.9. Slow the flow! Install low flow shower heads.10. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!!!We must start now though. Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are already under severe stress because of oil and gas canals, subsidence, and navigation projects. We need to rebuild the coast but we cannot ignore climate change because the effects of global warming could easily overwhelm our reconstruction efforts. We must address coastal restoration and climate change simultaneously and quickly if Louisiana is to remain strong and thriving over the next century.For more tips on how to lower your carbon footprint you can visit the New Orleans BuildSmart Learning Center. Phone: (504) 208-9761 MapThanks goes out to” Lazizza” Tomatillo’s” Blue Nile” Dragon’s Den” The Other Planets Read press coverage about the crawl here. The Crawl for the Climate was also featured on WTUL radio New Orleans 91.5 FM. You can listen to interviews with Climate Crawl sponsors and The Other Planets, one of the bands who played live at the crawl here.Conservation groups that sponsored the crawl are the Gulf Restoration Network, the Sierra Club, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, and the US Green Building Council.Casey DeMoss Roberts is the Special Projects Coordinator for the Gulf Restoration Network.

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