Watch and Share: How the Mississippi Can Save the Gulf

The Mississippi River runs through the heart of our nation, bringing land-building sediment with it along the way. In fact, that sediment created the very land we stand on today. Unfortunately,in managing the River for flood control and dependable navigation, we have restricted the River’s course and, in doing so, allowed our coastal wetlands to vanish into the Gulf.Ournew videouses ground-breaking computer animation to show you how we can channel that sediment back into the areas that need it most and begin to combat our coastal wetlands crisis. GRN’s newest episode of our ongoing video series,Gulf Tides: “Sediment and Sustainability”explores the science and strategy of diversions and how they can be used to restore our coast and protect communities in the Gulf.Award winning journalist Bob Marshall emphasizes the importance of land-building in his interview saying, “as long as people want to live in [the Mississippi River delta], we’ll need [diversion] projects to continually re-nourish and maintain the little bit of land that’s left”.We understand that there are questions about the utility of current, fresh-water diversions that are operating in the state. It’s critical that the role of nutrients is better understood, and sensible to agressively work to diminish nitrogen and phosphorus pollution from throughout the Mississippi River drainage. But let’s not confuse diversions designed to put fresh water into coastal wetlands with the current intent to build land.As we move forward with the design of these sediment diversions, we must also ensure that information is shared with those most impacted by these changes: Coastal communities who will benefit from increased natural storm protection and fishing fleets dealing with changes to the places where they can find fish must be at the table as BP’s fines begin to be put to use.Watch our newest episode of Gulf Tides: “Sediment and Sustainability”and help us spread the word about diversions by sharing it with your friends and social networks.Aaron Viles is GRN’s Deputy Director. You can follow him on twitter here.Credits from “Sediment and Sustainability – Restoring the Gulf of MexicoFeaturing interviews with journalist Bob Marshall (the Lens, the Times-Picayune), coastal scientist Denise Reed (the Water Institute for the Gulf) and Aaron Viles (GRN).Narration by Paul Sanchez: from the New Orleans Bingo! Show, Volume III Memory Parade – Used thanks to Clint Maedgen. by Matt FaustWritten and directed by Aaron VilesProduced, edited and filmed by Gino Kalkanoglu, NOLA Image WorksAditional animations from Walter Williams, Dreamsite Productions; NOAA, NASA, USGS.Funding for GRN’s work responding to the BP disaster by promoting a sustainable vision of the Gulf of Mexico provided by:Alki FundCampbell FoundationCommon StreamKresge FoundationSurdna FoundationTemper of the Times FoundationWalton Family Foundationand our generous members. Join today at

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