Wave Maker’s News: Fighting the Dead Zone and Drilling in Mississippi

Examining water samples from Four Mile Marsh. You can read more about our trip to the marsh in this edition of Wave Maker’s.Here in the Gulf south, it seems like winter passed by in a flash, and I have my doubts how long spring weather will be with us. Amidst the rapid change of seasons, there has been one constant: GRN’s Healthy Waters team has been keeping up the fight to protect and restore the Gulf of Mexico, and the region’s rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands.Check out the March edition of Wave Maker’s News, our quarterly update on all things water in the Gulf, to learn more about our efforts, including a fight to protect Mississippi’s coast from oil and gas drilling, and ongoing work to clean up the Gulf’s Dead Zone:http://healthygulf.org/images/our_work/healthy_waters/Wave%20Makers/March%202012%20Wave%20Makers.pdfIn this edition:Drilling on Mississippi’s Horizon?As the oil and gas industry and their politician buddies rush to open Mississippi state waters to oil and gas drilling, we’re working with a broad range of citizens to protect the Mississippi Sound and Gulf Islands seashore national park from destructive oil and gas development.GRN Takes Legal Action to Address Dead ZoneEnough is enough already! It’s time for the EPA to take action to clean up the Dead Zone, and GRN and some of our partners at the Mississippi River Collaborative recently filed suit against the EPA to push them to do just that.The Collapse of Four Mile MarshA sad tale of our recent visit to Four Mile Marsh near Hammond, Louisiana and how poorly treated sewage waste is leading to the demise of a pristine wetlands area.The Good, Bad and Ugly of Florida’s Legislative SessionThe health of our waters is in the cross-hairs at the state capital in Tallahassee, but GRN and our conservation partners worked hard this legislative session to protect Florida’s beautiful, wild waters and wetlands.Protecting Florida’s Free-Flowing WatersCheck out this article for a crash course on how Florida is supposed to make sure the freshwater keeps flowing, and GRN’s efforts to ensure that the system actually works.Fake Lake Threatens Pascagoula RiverThe Pascagoula River is an amazing natural treasure, but a real estate development scheme to dam one of its tributaries could spell bad news for the long-term health of the river.Matt is GRN’s Science and Water Policy Director.

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