Wave Makers News: Isaac Came, but our Roots Held

It’s almost time to gather with our families and friends and give thanks, and, as always, GRN’s Healthy Waters team is thankful for the amazing bounty that the Gulf of Mexico and its rivers, springs and wetlands provide. This extraordinary ecosystem continues to face many challenges, but we’re working hard to protect and restore the Gulf so that future generations will have even more to be thankful for.Check out this edition of Wave Makers News, GRN’s quarterly updates on all things water in the Gulf, to read about our effort to protect Florida’s rivers and springs from excessive pumping, how Hurricane Isaac impacted coastal restoration projects, and much more:http://bit.ly/S0NdJ6In this issue:Keep Florida FlowingFlorida’s free-flowing waters are central to its environment, economy, and culture, but state and local agencies are currently developing new rules that could jeopardize the state’s springs, rivers, and wetlands. Learn more about this threat and how you can get involved in the effort to keep Florida flowing.Making Sure Restoration is the PriorityWith billions of dollars in BP fines set to flow to the Gulf region under the RESTORE Act, Mississippi is scrambling to put together a plan for how to use their share. Will the money go towards one-off economic development schemes or the long-term health of Mississippi’s coast?A Closer Look at Gulf SturgeonGulf sturgeon can grow larger than a full-grown person, and look like something that just swam out of prehistoric times. Check out this article to learn more about their lives, and GRN’s efforts to protect them.Isaac Came, but our Roots HeldHurricane Isaac wreaked havoc across the Gulf coast – flooding coastal communities, unleashing toxic pollution from neglected industry facilities, and resurfacing BP’s oil in marshes and along our beaches. In the case of coastal restoration projects, though, many of these lines of defense held strong.Louisiana’s Attempt to Weaken Pollution ProtectionsLouisiana already has a failing grade when it comes to keeping its clean waters clean, but now the state is trying to sneak through changes that would further weaken these important protections!Matt Rota is GRN’s Director of Science and Water Policy.

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