Wave Makers News: Only Beginning to Learn BP’s Impacts

Almost three years since the start of the BP disaster, the civil trial over the disaster is just beginning, and there are still more questions than answers about what the long-term impacts will be on the Gulf’s environment and animals. However, we are beginning to learn more about the consequences of the disaster.Check out this edition of Wave Makers News, GRN’s quarterly update on all things water in the Gulf, for an update on the latest research on the impacts of the BP disaster, along with articles about new coal terminal expansions in the Gulf, how Mississippi plans to use its share of BP fines, and more:http://bit.ly/126y7u0In this issue:Only Beginning to Learn BP’s ImpactsA report from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative conference, where hundreds of scientists gathered in January to present their findings related to the BP drilling disaster.Coal Terminals Expanding in the Dirty SouthRight now, Big Coal is shifting its gaze to the Gulf, and this could have serious consequences for the health of our coast and communities.Mississippi Releases Plan for BP FinesThe release of Mississippi’s Go Coast 2020 report is just one small step on the long road to restoration, and we sincerely hope the state works with the public to improve this flawed blueprint.Wetlands Under Siege in North GulfportHow will a developer’s plan to destroy almost 400 acres of wetlands in North Gulfport impact the residents of nearby communities that are already prone to flooding?We Are All Connected by WaterA look at the plight of Florida’s springs and rivers, and some new ideas for how to provide the protections they desperately need.Matt Rota is GRN’s Director of Science and Water Policy.

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