Wave Maker’s News: Threat to Pearl River Averted, for Now

It’s been a busy fall for GRN’s Healthy Waters team as we continue our efforts to protect the rivers, streams, wetlands, and coastal waters of the Gulf region. In this edition of Wave Maker’s News, GRN’s quarterly Healthy Waters update, you can read about restoration efforts in the wake of the BP drilling disaster, a victory for the Pearl River, efforts to protect Florida’s Nature Coast, and more.Check out the December edition of Wave Maker’s News to learn more:http://healthygulf.org/files_reports/publications/wave_makers/Wavemakers_News_December_2010.pdfIn this edition:Threat to the Pearl River Averted, for NowThe Pearl River is an amazing resource for Mississippi, Louisiana, and the Gulf – but it faces a number of significant threats. Thankfully, we can report a victory in our efforts to protect the Pearl for future generations.Setting Mississippi River Diversions Up for SuccessOne of the (very) few silver linings from the BP disaster is the possibility that BP fines from the disaster can be used to jumpstart ecosystem restoration projects, including rebuilding vital coastal wetlands in Louisiana through diversions. However, before that effort begins in earnest we need to look at issues, like pollution in the Mississippi River, which could hamper restoration.Fall on Florida’s Nature CoastCheck out this update on the recent Nature Coast Coalition’s fall conference and learn more about the Coalition’s efforts to protect this amazing natural treasure.How Clean Does Florida’s Water Need to Be?Despite years of warnings and actions plans, Florida’s politicians (and industry lobbyists) are continuing to drag their feet when it comes to making sure that Florida’s river, streams, lakes and estuaries are clean. Now is the time to stop kicking this issue down the road!Brown Coal Mining Coming to a Town Near You?Lignite, or brown coal, mining is a dirty business, but if Mississippi Power has its way Kemper County, Mississippi could be just the first in a long line of Gulf state communities torn asunder by coal mining.BP Disaster and the Environmental Claims ProcessA big portion of the long-term restoration of the Gulf’s natural resources is locked up in a complicated, often opaque legal process called the Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA). Check out this article to get a quick rundown on how NRDA works, and what you need to watch for.

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