Over the last few months, GRN’s Healthy Waters Team has been busy fighting to keep the rivers, bayous and streams of the Gulf region safe for ourselves and future generations. We’ve been waging this battle on several fronts from opposing an ill-conceived Army Corps of Engineers plan in Louisiana to protecting coastal Mississippi communities, defending the integrity of Florida’s drinking water, and educating individuals across the Gulf about how to keep their communities safe from dangerous sewage pollution.Despite the significant challenges facing the communities along the Gulf Coast, GRN’s Healthy Waters team is committed to protecting the long-term health of the Gulf of Mexico and its waters.For more about our recent efforts and successes, check out this issue of WaveMakers’ News:http://healthygulf.org/images/stories/healthywaters/wavemakers/wave_maker_news_feb_2009.pdfMatt Rota is Director of the Water Resources Program at Gulf Restoration Network.

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