We Need More Hands, Interactive Postcard

Some of GRN’s best supporters recently received an interactive postcard that gives first-hand experience of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and shows people how they can use their hands to help. Folks at M&C Saatchi, a design firm in Switzerland, created the “We Need More Hands” postcard to raise awareness and action for the Gulf of Mexico, and the film below tells the story. When Fraser and Gabriel from M&C Saatchi first reached out to me, I wasn’t sure about their idea, but thanks to their valiant efforts, the GRN and our supporters now have a great new tool for bringing more people into the fight for a healthy Gulf.The interactive “We Need More Hands” postcards use environmentally-friendly inks to remind everyone that the BP oil disaster in the Gulf is far from over. Most importantly, it shows that people anywhere can help. The body heat from your fingertips that cleans up the oiled bird on the postcard represents the energy, effort, and resources that individuals all over the nation can put towards restoring the Gulf. Once you’ve played with the postcard, it’s time to take action, donate to the GRN, and get more involved with volunteering.Many thanks to everyone who helped make the postcard happen:M&C Saatchi Geneva: Olivier Girard (Executive Creative Director)Gabriel Mauron (Art Director)Fraser Grant (Copywriter)Galletet SA (Printing)Sérigraphie Charbonney (Screen-printing)” Pan’ by Taxidermy Hall (Music)Pascal Greco (Video Editor)

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