Whales and Dolphins of the Gulf

Your commitment to the Gulf made a huge impact last year.Your calls, petition signatures, and membership support of GRN helped ensure the passage of the RESTORE Act, voted into law by Congress this summer. The RESTORE Act, which directs 80% of BP’s Clean Water Act fines to the Gulf for restoration, will jumpstart much needed projects to rehabilitate our impacted coast.Now, you can start your new year off right with a donation to help grow our voice to protect the diverse environment of the Gulf.In their exploration for new oil, the oil and gas industry produces underwater sound blasts so loud they can cause hearing loss and disorientation for dolphins and whales. One of the species affected, the Brydes whale, is a 50 foot long baleen whale recently found to have a resident population in the northern Gulf of Mexico. This disruptive oil & gas activity risks the Brydes whales ability to feed, mate and communicate with its pod. Your commitment to the Gulf helps GRN and our partners take legal action that will ensure protection of Gulf whales and dolphins from seismic exploration, and we’re currently involved in a lawsuit to limit this harmful activity.With your help, we can continue to protect the Brydes whale and other Gulf species.Make a generous contribution today, and help build a strong coalition of voices and achieve a healthy Guf Coast.Cynthia Sarthou is GRN’s Executive Director.

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