GRN is proud to be partnering with What About Blue? An education and fundraising effort to support solutions for the world water crisis. Novice kayaker (not sure why we’re so into paddlers) Kevin Lilly has committed to paddling the length of the Mississippi River to call attention to the lack of safe, fresh water around the globe , the need for water, wetlands and wildlife habitat nationally, and GRN’s work on those same issues regionally.He’s splitting the money that he raises evenly among those three causes, so you should certainly support his efforts. He’s calling it a Latte for a Life – check it out below, asking for $5 a month for a year ($60). This program is simple and easy… go tohttp://whataboutblue.ning.com/page/donate-1 and donate $5 per month for 1 year. Their goal is to get 100 people in 50 cities to give up one caffeine fix a month (5,000 people x $60/year = $300,000!). Sponsors arecovering expedition expenses, so 100% of the monies raised online areused to support the three organizations.You can follow his paddling efforts via his website, his twitter account, or occasional updates here on our blog.He started up July 20th in the wilds of Minnesota, and will be wrapping up his trip Halloween weekend in New Orleans at the Voodoo Experience. We’ll be partnering with him to welcome him to NOLA and make sure he enjoys one of NOLA’s very best events.Don’t worry about Kevin being taken out by a barge in St. Louis, he’s being supported by a couple of paddling pros, who have helped him train, and will be looking out for him on the water.We’re impressed that every single mile of the 2,500 mile journey is committed to a better Gulf, a better Mississippi River, and a better world. Good luck the Kevin and Team Blue. Please go help them out.Aaron Viles is GRN’s Campaign Director

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