What do Atlantic Bluefin Tuna have in common with BP?

Millions of gallons of crude oil in the wrong place. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna; big, strong, fast, and an apex predator. One female can produce up to 40 million eggs. They spawn in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They can live 30 years. A single fish can weigh hundreds of pounds and sell for over one hundred thousand dollars at fish markets.How will the BP drilling disaster affect the new generation of teenie-tiny bluefin larvae now drifting near the blow-out? That is what the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Research Lab plans to find out. Scientists have begun a 12-day cruise to collect specimens from the loop current that passes through the Gulf through the Florida Keys to the Atlantic.Click here to learn more. Return each day to hear Dr. Jim Franks audio report of their journey.

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