On the latest installment of Community Gumbo, I focused on the cypress mulch problem and asked our listeners this question: Is cypress mulch a landscaping luxury or a lawn loser? I spoke with three leaders in the campaign to save Cypress forests across the Gulf Coast to hear what is being done to protect this valuable ecosystem from becoming disposable garden mulch. Public relations departments from Lowes and Home Depot were contacted for an interview but did not furnish anyone to be interviewed. Too bad for them!Hear Dean Wilson, Executive Director of the Atchafalaya Basinkeeper talk about the history of the forest and how the Save Our Cypress coalition got its start.Marylee Orr, Executive Director of LEAN, talks about her love of Louisiana’s environment and what we can all do to protect it.Dan Favre, Campaign Organizer with GRN, gives us the details about why a Corporate campaign was chosen to protect Cypress and explains why we should “Make wetlands, not war.”Go to Community Gumbo to listen in!!Casey DeMoss hosts the local radio talk show, Community Gumbo, on WTUL New Orleans.

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