GRN Holiday Gift Guide


We at GRN are honored to have the support of artists and local businesses who want to help us protect the Gulf. These creative entrepreneurs support us by sharing our work with their networks and by donating a portion of proceeds to GRN. Check out this guide for holiday shopping ideas, and give a gift that protects the Gulf!

Neutral Ground

Vincent Vumbaco is the founder of Neutral Ground, a digital woodshop that creates beautifully etched art. After seeing images of Louisiana's projected wetland loss, Vincent was inspired to make his own version of Louisiana's boot, etched onto reclaimed cypress.  Neutral Ground donates 25% of Louisiana's boot sales to GRN. Check out the website for more pictures and to order online.



Annie Moran Fine Jewelry

Annie Moran is a New Orleans based artist, illustrator and designer whose work is inspired by Gulf coast wildlife and Louisiana culture. Pelicans, egrets, and marsh grasses fill her sterling silver earrings, pendants and cuffs. Annie donates a portion of the proceeds from her Wetlands collection to GRN. See more of her work on her Fine Jewelry site.




Tchoup Industries

The Nutria Le Tour purse embodies the mission of Tchoup. Nutria are an invasive species that eat the roots of marsh plants, which doesn't help our disappearing wetlands.  Using repurposed nylon straps from the auto industry and guilt free nutria fur, Tchoup has created an eyecatching over the shoulder bag that's locally made to boot. You can find them online here.




Sarah Quintana

Sarah Quintana is a New Orleans born musician and song writer. In 2013, she composed a series of music using water, guitar and found instruments such as bathtubs, drainpipes, coffee cups, bowls, in an effort to connect to the greater story of water in our region and to express concern for our ecosystem here on the Mississippi River Delta. She filmed performances and interviews and compiled them into The Delta Demitasse, a DVD whose proceeds benefit GRN. Here is her website, and The Delta Demitasse can be purchased online at the Louisiana Music Factory.




Bird Project Soap

Made from biodiesel-produced black glycerin, each bird-shaped soap contains a ceramic bird made from Louisiana clay; a great keepsake. Designer Tippy Tippens is dedicated to supporting groups working to restore Lousiana's coast after the BP drilling disaster, and half of her proceeds go to GRN and International Bird Rescue.




Pippin Frisbie-Calder

A New Orleans-based printmaker whose work is inspired by the unique beauty of Louisiana's coastal wetlands, Pippin Frisbie-Calder has been partnering with GRN for the past two years to spread the word about GRN's work through her art. Visit Pippin's website to view her full collection.





Mermaid Purse Organics

Measha Daynes is a soapmaker and potter from coastal Mississippi. She founded Mermaid Purse Organics to provide all natural soaps, oils and balms, and expanded to create nautical inspired pottery wares. A portion of her clay sea turtles benefits GRN. Her turtles are glazed in a variety of colors, and can be purchased from her booth at the Palmer Park Art Market in New Orleans, December 13th and 14th.






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