Clean Up Louisiana’s Abandoned Oilfields

Louisiana’s wetlands, public lands and landscape are scarred by thousands of abandoned oilfields that imperil our already eroding coastline. Unfortunately, new regulations from Louisiana’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) fail to ensure that these abandoned sites will be cleaned up and restored. Tell Louisiana DNR that abandoned wells must be cleaned up and well sites restored. The proposed regulations allow operators to avoid restoring sites that are no longer producing oil and gas. The oil and gas industry owes Louisiana for at least four hundred square miles of coastal land, and they need to take responsibility for restoring the damage they have done.Take action now and demand that the oil and gas industry be held accountable.Our state does not have the $50 billion or more that it will take to implement the coastal restoration Master Plan. Louisiana’s elected officials and regulators must use their legal authority to make sure that the oil and gas industry does its part to restore the coast. Please take a moment today to tell the Department of Natural Resources that oil and gas must clean up these abandoned oilfields.

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