Become enGULFed this Holiday Season

Just as the Mississippi River contains the potential to restore the wetlands of the delta, the email list of the Gulf Restoration Network contains the potential to pass the RESTORE Act and invest as much as $16 billion in the restoration of our Gulf of Mexico coast and wetlands. If you are one of our more than 40,000 e-members (who receive our free e-alerts and e-newsletters), you make up an impressive voice representing every state and nearly every congressional district in the United States. So here are two simple ways that your voice can join with thousands of others to make a difference: Contribute to a hopeful future and receive a really cool Kleen Kanteen” enGULFed” water bottle.Urge your representatives to pass the RESTORE Act, which has the potential to:Restore our Gulf, andReverse the trend of the past 80 years during which we have lost over 2,000 square miles of important wetlandsIf you sign up before the end of the year to convert your e-membership to a Gulf Sustainer membership, we will send you a Kleen Kanteen water bottle as a special holiday membership gift with any Gulf Sustainer membership of $15 per month or more. Be sure to use this link to receive the Kleen Kanteen offer. These water bottles are made of stainless steel, hold 27 oz., and have a special “enGULFed” logo.You will be giving the gift of a healthy Gulf to future generations!P.S. If you are already a Gulf Sustainer member, we encourage you to pass on the pride of supporting a healthy Gulf this holiday season. We will extend this special offer to in-honor Gulf Sustainer gifts and send a gift notice card and a Kleen Kanteen to your honoree.Eir Danielson is GRN’s Development Director.

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