BP on Trial

The third phase of the BP drilling disaster civil trial ended on February 2, and we need your help telling BP to make things right – click here to take action.The results of this trial will ultimately determine how many billions of dollars in Clean Water Act civil fines BP must pay. Under the RESTORE Act, 80% of these fines will come back to the Gulf for restoration, so there is a lot at stake for the Gulf’s communities and environment.In September of 2014, the court determined that BP’s conduct leading to the drilling disaster was “reckless,” and BP was guilty of willful misconduct and gross negligence. Despite this ruling, BP continues to cynically downplay its responsibility for the catastrophe, and is fighting in the courts to avoid making things right. BP has even said that the judge should go easy on the company because the price of oil is down! Take a minute to tell “reckless” BP to come clean.Fortunately, the U.S. Justice Department is standing strong by pushing for the maximum penalties under the Clean Water Act, and we can stand with them. BP needs to get the message loud and clear that what the Justice Department called a “culture of corporate recklessness” will have consequences. Now is the time for everyone who wants BP held accountable to take action. Now is the time for BP to make it right in the Gulf. Please sign our petition, which we will present to BP and the Justice Department in the coming weeks. Steve Murcchie is GRN’s Campaign Director.

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