Building Our Summer Outreach Team

For a fifth summer, Gulf Restoration Network will once again be heading into communities throughout the Gulf region to engage the public on the very serious issues facing the Gulf of Mexico.GRN advocates will be knocking on doors and initiating thousands of conversations about how to hold BP accountable for the damage caused by their drilling disaster and steps we can take to ensure that it never happens again. Each door is an opportunity to talk about the importance of the wildlife, special cultures and ways of life that are dependent on the health of the Gulf of Mexico. Each conversation is also a chance to become a member of GRN so that we can continue to fight to protect the Gulf and all that it supports.Over the coming months we will be recruiting and hiring the GRN representatives who will work hard under the summer sun to create a united and informed public fighting for our coast and our future. Every person who comes on board commits to a challenging and rewarding summer job. Our rigorous training program equips our canvassers with the communication skills, knowledge of Gulf environmental issues, and grassroots strategies to be successful advocates for the Gulf.Everyone can help us empower a new generation of activists and make this our most successful summer canvass ever:Apply for a job with us by sending your resume to!Share this opportunity with any interested individuals you may know,Donate your office space or apartment in the Uptown/Carrolton area to be our Outreach Office from May to September, and/orDonate your mini-van or car to help get our canvassers to communities throughout Louisiana and the Gulf. If you are interested in supporting GRN’s Summer Outreach Team, please contact Helen Rose Patterson, Outreach Team Manager at or 504-525-1528 ext 200.And, of course, keep an eye out in your neighborhood this summer for the opportunity to discuss GRN’s work in person and join the fight for a healthy Gulf by signing up as a Gulf Sustainer.

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