Coast Not Coal

Can you take a minute away from your holiday bustle to help protect the coast?A proposed floating coal export terminal threatens crucial coastal restoration plans and neighboring coastal communities. We can stop it and start 2014 on the right foot. Call on the Army Corps and state officials to protect the coast from this floating coal terminal. Coal-carrying barges dump coal in the river. Coal export terminals release clouds of coal dust that cover homes, boats, cars, and coastal wetlands with a layer of black soot. And this proposed floating coal terminal will interfere with the restoration of Barataria marshes – central to restoring our coastal lines of defense. Take action now and send a message to our public officials.Together, we can protect our coast and communities. We’ve garnered great victories for the coast this year, like ensuring that over two-thirds of early restoration dollars from the BP disaster will be spent on environmental restoration. After years of work, coastal restoration momentum is building. Now is not the time to trip up restoration plans with a harmful, short-sighted coal export facility. Add your voice now, and thanks for all that you do to protect the coast.Steve Murchie is GRN’s Campaign Director.

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