Congressman Palazzo, Mississippi needs the EPA.

Congressman Steven Palazzo of Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District caused great alarm among his constituents when he co-sponsored a bill to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. Mississippi’s Fourth District is in a low-lying coastal area. Wetlands and the riparian areas along the Mississippi coasts’ many estuaries provide critical storm protection to residents. Irresponsible development threatens these wetlands. Mississippi’s failing sewerage systems leads to constantly closed beaches. Shrimp, oyster and fish populations are in serious decline. Dolphin and turtle mortality is at historic levels. The management of storm water runoff is poorly enforced.Mississippi’s coast is the main driver of our state’s economy. We need clean, healthy water for thriving tourism and fishing industries. Congressman Palazzo’s support of a bill to eliminate the EPA is bad for Mississippi. Thankfully, it seems as though Congressman Palazzo may be rethinking his support of eliminating the EPA. On March 2, he wrote an opinion piece in the Sun Herald newspaper stating, “…we may not, and probably should not, eliminate the EPA.” We could not agree more. Yet, the Congressman has not withdrawn his co-sponsorship of the one line bill to eliminate the EPA – he just seems to be reconsidering the folly of such a proposal. Anyone who loves the Mississippi Coast should contact the Congressman’s office at 228-864-7670 and request that he withdraw his support of the bill to eliminate the protection of clean water.

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