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Mississippi Phosphates & Contaminated Wastewater

In October of 2014 the Mississippi Phosphates Company in Pascagoula declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company left 700 million gallons of acidic, contaminated wastewater at the site. Every inch of rain creates an additional 9 million gallons of contaminated wastewater.The facility is only capable of treating less than 2 million gallons a day of the …

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Congressman Palazzo, Mississippi needs the EPA.

Congressman Steven Palazzo of Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District caused great alarm among his constituents when he co-sponsored a bill to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. Mississippi’s Fourth District is in a low-lying coastal area. Wetlands and the riparian areas along the Mississippi coasts’ many estuaries provide critical storm protection to residents. Irresponsible development threatens these …

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Environmental Justice in the Gulf

Dr. Bob Bullard: Father of Environmental Justice For years, I have worked as a community organizer in the Gulf – and am currently the Mississippi Organizer for Gulf Restoration Network. After years of working alongside coastal communities, I was recently appointed to a workgroup for the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC). NEJAC is an …

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