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Carbon Dioxide Waste Capture and Injection: A False Solution for Louisiana and the World

In recent years, carbon dioxide (CO2) waste capture and injection, also known as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), has gained momentum as a suggested climate change solution, especially as the United States federal government throws billions of dollars behind it. This unproven technology has been particularly attractive to …

Carbon Dioxide Waste Capture and Injection: A False Solution for Louisiana and the World Read More »

Louisiana Communities Take Action for People & Planet

It’s been a busy spring for Healthy Gulf and our community partners in Louisiana. With more than 34 new methane gas, carbon capture and petrochemical projects planned for the state, Louisiana is ground zero for fossil fuels and climate chaos. But we’re building a broad, fighting movement for  people and our planet!  In March we …

Louisiana Communities Take Action for People & Planet Read More »

Join Us for Land Pollution Lookout: We need Gulf Residents to help us identify oil spills in the Niger Delta

April is global Citizen Science month. This April, Healthy Gulf, Cartoscope and Unique Mappers are releasing an international effort to help identify damage from oil spills in the Niger Delta.  Through Land Pollution Lookout you can learn to identify and help us assess damage from over 300 oil spills in three internationally protected wetland sites in the Niger Delt

Marathon Refinery Explosion Puts Workers, Community At Risk

An explosion yesterday at the Marathon oil refinery in Southeast Louisiana was a bitter reminder of the day-to-day risks faced by workers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, as well as the fenceline communities who live with the direct consequences of these plants. While the blaze was eventually tamed, at least one contractor was brought to a local hospital to treat their injuries.

After beating an oil terminal, Ironton asserts its right to recover

Ironton, an African-American town in Plaquemines Parish, organized over the course of a year and throughout the pandemic. They opposed the construction of an oil terminal, planned by Tallgrass Energy, at the fenceline of their community. Tallgrass intended to build its terminal at the site of the former St. Rosalie plantation, right upriver from the historic Black community. 

EPA hearing on cancer-causing Ethylene Oxide with Spanish & Vietnamese available

In 2016, the EPA formally acknowledged what communities long suspected: that ethylene oxide is a cancer causing chemical. Right now the EPA is developing agency rules around ethylene oxide and other miscellaneous organic chemicals. Healthy Gulf has requested the public be provided a virtual hearing with Spanish & Vietnamese translation available throughout the event. 

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