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Eubanks Creek Algae Bloom LeFleurs Bluff S.P. behind ballfields credit: PRK

Jackson Eubanks Creek Sewage Spill: Nutrient Pollution Implications for Pearl River “One Lake” Project

A September algae bloom on Eubanks Creek in Jackson, sparked by a sewage spill, shows what is happening on the Pearl River’s urban tributaries. The implications for the Rankin Hinds Drainage District’s One Lake plan are that nutrients from the urban creeks are easily captured in a wide, slow flowing lake section made by dredging and further damming the Pearl River. If Jackson’s sewage issues are not addressed, the lake can grow the same kind of harmful algae blooms as Eubanks Creek.

Update on Pearl River One Lake project Part 1: Next Steps, FOIA Silence, and Tight-Lipped Agencies

One Lake Update Summer 2021 Blog Part 1:After three years of waiting, a completed draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) should be returned to the Army Secretary at the Pentagon in September for his review and a decison. The non-federal sponsors of the One Lake project have been quiet about the draft’s progress and have rebuffed Freedom of Information Act requests.

File image of North Gulfport residents traveling to Jackson in August 2019 to oppose the State Port's water quality cetification for a wetland fill on Port property. Photo Credit: A. Whitehurst, Healthy Gulf.

North Gulfport Residents Defend their Wetlands and Community Health Against Port Project

Citizens from North Gulfport oppose wetland filling that would allow the State Port to build a rail/truck transfer facility next to their neighborhoods. Environmental Justice issues are contained in the appeal. Residents who live adjacent to the project site are concerned that soil and water pollution contained there will be mobilized with development and affect their health, property and quality of life. A 70 year old brownfield site – a closed fertilizer plant – has left soil and groundwater tainted by arsenic, lead and carcinogens that could find their way to the surface if the site is developed. The evidentiary hearing on the Mississippi State Port Authority’s Clean Water Act State water quality certification began this week at the MDEQ Commission Room in Jackson, but is continued until May.

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