D.C. Protest Turns into Victory Lap Following LNG Pause

Frontline leaders and Gulf Coast community advocates had been planning a sit-in protest against liquified methane gas exports at the Department of Energy (DOE) headquarters in Washington D.C., but then, the Biden Administration announced a pause on new permits for the facilities. The planned protest quickly turned into a victory lap following the LNG pause and an opportunity for advocates to emphasize the need for lasting change.

Healthy Gulf Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana Organizer Breon Robinson joined the delegation that traveled to D.C. and met with DOE staff to discuss the need for a permanent end to the construction of new liquefied methane gas export facilities.

The delegation to D.C. takes victory lap following LNG pause
The delegation to Washington stands proudly in front of the Capitol Building with a sign promoting their next mission: organizing against the financial giants that are funding the climate crisis.
Robinson and Ozane snap a selfie in D.C. following LNG pause.
Breon (right) snaps a selfie in front of the Capitol with Roishetta Ozane (left), frontline leader and founder of The Vessel Project.
Press conference in D.C. following LNG pause
Christa Zapata of the Corrizo-Comecrudo Tribe of Texas speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill about the Biden pause on new methane gas export facilities.
Department of Energy meeting following LNG pause.
Breon and Cameron Parish resident John Allaire capture a selfie before meeting with David Turk and members of staff at the U.S. Department of Energy office. 
Department of Energy meeting following LNG pause.
John Beard (right) of the Port Arthur Community Action Network, Travis Dardar (far left) of FISH, and other Stop LNG advocates discuss the negative effects of liquefied methane gas in their communities across the Gulf Coast. 
After a long day of meetings, organizers and advocates shared a celebratory meal in Washington D.C. L-R: Breon Robinson (Healthy Gulf), Roishetta Ozane (Vessel Project, TX Campaign for the Environment), Kari Fulton (Frontlines Speak), and Jo Banner (The Descendants Project). 


Breon Robinson is the Southeast Texas/Southwest Louisiana Organizer for Healthy Gulf. She organizes with frontline community members to help stop or delay liquefied methane gas and petrochemical buildout in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, while helping to create a positive vision for the region’s future.

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