Don’t Flood North Gulfport

For decades, neighborhoods along Turkey Creek in North Gulfport, Mississippi have suffered the consequences of unchecked and irresponsible development. Now, the City of Gulfport and Ward Investments Company are trying to expand development by filling 432-acres of wetland – threatening nearby communities, sacrificing flood protection and risking water quality.The well-being of these historically low-income, African-American communities should not be sacrificed for to create more commercial and retail space. Now is your chance to act – tell the Mayor of Gulfport and the Mobile Corps of Engineers not to flood North Gulfport. The comment period closes on so they need to hear your voice today!Wetlands in this flat landscape are crucial for flood protection, absorbing and storing water each time it rains – from summer showers to driving hurricane squalls; they also buffer storm surge tides forced into Turkey Creek from Biloxi Bay. The neighborhoods of North Gulfport already struggle with frequent flooding. Removing the wetlands that they depend on puts the health and safety of the community and their homes at risk.The City of Gulfport knows the dangers of flooding in the North Gulfport, Forest Heights and Rippy Road neighborhoods – so why are they partnering in a project that threatens residents with more flooding?Take action now and urge the City of Gulfport and the Mobile Corps of Engineers to deny this permit. North Gulfport needs to stay above water.

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