Don’t Flood Our Forests

Hurricane season may be over, but massive flooding is threatening Washington Parish. This time, there is no storm to blame it’s powerful interests who want to build a lake, drowning our forests, historical landmarks and rivers.Take action today and say no to this “fake lake.” For a decade, Louisiana residents have been resisting this lake, which would involve damming the Boga Lusa Creek, because of the impacts it would have on forests and cemeteries in the lake’s footprint, and surrounding homes. In fact, this project would flood over a thousand acres of forest – threatening wildlife like the Louisiana black bear and Gulf sturgeon.Last time a version of this lake and dam was proposed, residents and committed state and federal agencies were able to stop the project from moving forward. Now is the time add your voice to those determined to preserve the paradise we have in Louisiana.Tell the Corps of Engineers to protect our forests and rivers, not flood them!Although lake backers like to say this project will provide surrounding communities with drinking water, the United States Geological Service has stated that there is no need to deluge our landscape. So long as we protect our underground water supplies, there is no need to create an additional reservoir. Join the chorus of residents speaking out against the Boga Lusa Dam today by taking action here!

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