It was the most successful environmental lobby day in Louisiana history! Over fifty citizen activists were in attendance for the release of the Environmental Briefing Book (www.labriefingbook.org) which each activist was to deliver to their Legislator. The book was prepared by “a coalition of groups and individuals who are passionate about providing good air to breathe, protecting our rights to clean sweet water to drink, and advocating for the rights of all of us to live in healthy sustainable communities.”A few of the priorities for Lobby day were to educate our representatives about protecting the coast, re-fund the enforcement division of the Department of Environmental Quality, and support the fuel efficiency standards for state vehicles bill. The coalition of Louisiana’s best environmental groups is also asking the Legislature for a Green Caucus. The Legislature needs a Green Caucus that is funded and staffed to handle environmental legislation that will benefit the economy, protect Louisiana’s natural heritage, and safeguard the public health of our citizens from preventable exposure to health risks.Though the Legislative schedule for our Lobby Day was not ideal, it gave many citizens from across the state an opportunity to see how laws are made. Every citizen activist wore their Environmental Voter pin and got the opportunity to see their government in action. It is important to remember that each citizen has the right to be heard!Casey DeMoss Roberts is the Special Projects Coordinator for the Gulf Restoration Network.

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