This Summer, the Gulf Restoration Network crew has been expanding — kind of like the Dead Zone, except focused on a HEALTHIER Gulf of Mexico. We’ve set up an outreach office in the University area of New Orleans, and hired dozens of college students from LSU, Tulane and other campuses to fan out through the Baton Rouge, New Orleans and North Shore area, and alert the general public to the critical state of our coastal wetlands and build support for GRN and our Defend Our Coast, Defend Ourselves campaign. But if you’re in one of the other Gulf states, don’t worry, we’re working to get to you too. We just sent a crew to Pensacola, Florida, and plan on sending folks to Houston/Galveston, Mobile/Fairhope, Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, and maybe even Tampa.So, if you get a knock on your door and open it to find a slightly sweaty young adult on your porch in a “United for a Healthy Gulf” t-shirt, take a second and listen to what they have to say. By spending a few minutes of your evening with GRN you’ll get an update on our coast, and be presented with a couple of opportunities to help out. Whether you respond by joining GRN as a monthly, sustaining member, or writing a letter to the Governor and your member of Congress, urging them to act quickly for the coast, it will be time well spent, I promise.In addition, we’re still hiring for the outreach office. If you, or someone you know is interested in helping create the groundswell of support we need for immediate action on the coast and needs a full-time job this summer, ask them to give us a call. We are really excited to offer this opportunity to college students and others. Personally, I got my start as an environmental campaign organizer on a similar outreach effort many summers ago. The experience was invaluable and taught me how grass-roots organizing can really deliver results and win concrete victories for the environment. This summer’s effort will give students a life-changing experience while making significant gains towards a sustainable coast.If you’re lucky enough to get that knock on the door, go out and have a great conversation about what we need to do to save our coast and communities. And offer the canvasser a glass of water, it’s hot out there!United for a Healthy Gulf,Aaron VilesCampaign Directorp.s. While we’re excited to sign up members at the door, there’s always a chance you won’t be home the night we stop by. To make sure you don’t miss your opportunity, sign up today!

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