Flooding Baton Rouge with Our Water and Our Voices

This past 7 members of GRN staff joined approximately 75 environmental advocates from across Louisiana to “flood Baton Rouge” with our water and voices. The rally marked the end of a week-long march from Grand Isle in protest of Bobby Jindal’s signing the controversial SB 469 (becoming act 544), and effectively letting Big Oil companies off the hook for their continued destruction to our wetlands and coastal ways of life. GRN partners and allies such as the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, Louisiana Environmental Action Networkl, Restore the Gulf and the Green Army were all in attendance as well as many individual concerned citizens and activists.A unique aspect to this rally was the invitation for attendees to bring water from affected areas to pour onto the lawn of the Governor’s Mansion. Water bearers (perhaps actually pourers?) were also provided the opportunity to speak. GRN’s own Scott Eustis brought water from the Pearl River and with it, ongoing concerns around the Dead Zone ecological crises.Russell Honore, Mike Stagg, Cherri Foytlin and others joined Scott in speaking to the concerns and intersecting issues of environmental and social justice being willfully ignored by Jindal and the majority of the Louisiana legislature. The end of the rally saw about a dozen people pouring water onto the lawn amidst cheers and hollers of hope.Our youngest participant, 4 year old Atticus, poured the water I brought from my flooded backyard as the very first activist action of his life! Jennifer Harding, Atticus’ mother and Baton Rouge resident, commented “There should be more folks here because these issues affect everyone, but seeing those who did show up being so fired up is inspiring. I think people are so passionate because there aren’t enough opportunities for this type of collective voice to be demonstrated in Louisiana. We need to start showing up more here in Baton Rouge to say enough is enough.” I couldn’t have said it any better, Jennifer.

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