Galveston, Gulf Shores, Destin

Gulf beaches are going to be hopping this weekend, and all summer long.My daughter loves the beach, and it’s a favorite family destination. I still remember the beach break that BP’s drilling disaster forced on us in the summer of 2010. BP stole an opportunity to make precious memories on our Gulf beaches.There’s an irony that because of BP’s disaster, we are now faced with a historic opportunity to make sure our Gulf beaches are environmentally healthy and sustainable for decades to come.While we don’t know yet how much money BP will be sending to the Gulf via the RESTORE Act, the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council is developing its comprehensive plan for Gulf Restoration. The final day for public comment is July 8th, so please take a moment right now to send this clear message:Ecosystem Restoration is Economic Recovery.We can’t waste this opportunity on roads, parking lots, or convention centers. If our plan prioritizes making the Gulf healthier, it will pay dividends for generations to come. That way my daughter’s children, and future generations can continue to love our Gulf coast beaches. Send your message before you head out to Grand Isle, Ship Island, Orange Beach, Greyton Beach (or where ever you are spending your July 4th holiday).Aaron Viles is GRN’s Deputy Director. You can follow him on twitter here.P.S. Of course, we’re focused on the possibility of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council, and their eventual use of the fines and penalties flowing from the BP disaster, but there are other important considerations in how you spend your time at the beach. NRDC’s popular and useful, Testing the Waters report lets you know how your beach is doing on water pollution. Check it out here.Also this local news story shows that there are ongoing BP tarballs easily found at Gulf coast beaches. Be safe out there folks.

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