Weeki Wachee is choked with slime

Weeki Wachee Spring and the Weeki Wachee River support a complex freshwater aquatic ecosystem that is vitally important as both a cultural and economic resource for Florida. Unfortunately, Florida’s iconic Mermaid Spring and its river to the Gulf are being choked by slimy algae. Take action now to protect Florida’s rivers and streams.High levels of nitrogen pollution are to blame for the explosion of algae blooms. As it stands now, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) does not require major sources of this pollution to reduce their spring-killing effluent . It is beyond time for a mandate to preserve and protect these critical resources for all Floridians and to reverse the degradation of our most iconic treasures.The DEP is accepting public comments through July 5th, on a draft plan to restore the Spring and River (this plan, required under the Clean Water Act, is known as a Total Maximum Daily Load, or “TMDL” ). As it is written, this plan is not adequate, as it does not require pollution reduction from surrounding polluters, or even set a protective goal. Please take action now to let DEP and the Governor know you expect them to do their jobs and protect Florida’s resources!Once you have taken action, forward and share this message with your friends and family. Together, we can help keep Florida flowing.Cathy Harrelson is GRN’s Florida Organizer.

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