GRN Has a New Look!

You may notice a little something different about . . . or when you receive your Gulf Currents newsletter . . . or when you see us out tabling at a concert in your community. We’ve upgraded our logo and other graphics to help solidify our regional identity and make it easier to recognize GRN as a leader in working for a healthy Gulf of Mexico.While we originally considered changing our tagline in the process as well, our work in the aftermath of the BP drilling disaster has highlighted the importance of being “United for a Healthy Gulf”, and we will continue to proudly feature that message.The new design is intended to be modern and sophisticated while still invoking our long history and roots, and of course, highlighting the value and fragility of the Gulf. This is reflective of what we strive for in our work: strategic and innovative efforts with a foundation in tried and true techniques, all focused on winning big victories for the region’s environment.Many thanks to our volunteer graphic designers Julia Sevin, Melissa Hamming and Paige Hinrichs and everyone who contributed to these efforts. We hope you like what you see! Please send any thoughts and feedback to Communications Director, Dan Favre, at

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