Hold BP Accountable

As the trial for the BP disaster continues, it’s more important than ever that the Justice Department holds BP accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Between the court of public opinion and the actual courtroom, BP is doing everything they can to minimize their punishment for violating the Clean Water Act. Billions of dollars in fines and penalties are at stake, and much of that money could be used to restore the Gulf’s communities and ecosystems. Tell the Justice Department to continue to stand strong and to hold BP accountable for their damage to the Gulf.Thanks to the RESTORE Act, most of the Clean Water Act fines BP is required to pay will be dedicated to Gulf recovery. These fines are estimated to be between $4-18 billion, but right now no one knows for sure how much BP will ultimately pay. What happens over the coming weeks in the courtroom will play a big part in determining the final sum. Please take action today and tell the Justice Department to make sure BP pays the maximum fines under the law.While the nation’s eyes have largely turned elsewhere, the Gulf’s communities and wildlife continue to feel the fallout from the BP disaster. We need to hold them accountable for every barrel of oil, every gallon of Corexit, every dolphin that washed up onshore, and every person that was affected and continues to be plagued by the ongoing impacts from the BP disaster.Steve Murchie is GRN’s Campaign Director.

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