LANDMARK RULING: Corps Negligence Responsible for Katrina Flooding

In a ruling that may have far-reaching consequences, a federal judge has determined that Army Corps negligence in maintaining the Mississippi River – Gulf Outlet is responsible for flooding that occurred in parts of the city during Katrina.Specifically, the judge cited the lack of action by the Corps to counter the widening of the canal, which created an even larger “hurricane highway” for storm surge; the failure to maintain the canal also eroded the bank on which levees sat, allowing them to slump under their own weight; and the failure to properly maintain the channel allowed more saltwater to move into the marsh destroying the wetlands that buffer levees and protect the city.Read the stories:–70421627.html many more: fight over liability will continue, potentially all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but this ruling validates what New Orleanians have know for a long time – Katrina was a man-made disaster.No matter how long it takes for this court battle to be resolved, restoring the wetlands destroyed by MR-GO, along with implementing large-scale restoration projects to create a sustainable Louisiana coast, must be a top priority immediately.GRN and our conservation partners were instrumental in convincing Congress to order the closing of the Mississippi River – Gulf Outlet, and we continue to call on the Corps to restore the 27,000 acres of wetlands the channel destroyed. You can help by taking action today.Dan Favre is the GRN Campaign Organizer.

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