Mississippi’s rivers, lakes and streams are among the most beautiful and outstanding waters in the nation. Thousands of people every year, from Mississippi and around the world, come to enjoy this amazing natural bounty. Unfortunately, Mississippi’s most beautiful and unique waters have not been given the best possible protection available – being listed as an “Outstanding National Resource Water.”Right now, Mississippi is reviewing its rules for protecting our most precious waters. We must act now to push for real change so our children will have a legacy of clean water – including a process for citizens to nominate water bodies as Outstanding National Resource Waters. It is critical that we tell the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality that we care about giving our waters the highest level of protection available!Click here to send a personal message to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality asking for a simple process to nominate outstanding waters and to nominate the first ever waterbodies for Outstanding status! like Black Creek, Mississippi’s only National Wild and Scenic River, or Wolf River, one of the state’s most pristine waters, deserve the full protections available for the nation’s most ecologically significant waters. Outstanding status benefits everyone who uses a river or stream by protecting downstream water quality for municipal drinking water and irrigation uses, as well as the wildlife and fish that live in the waters. Now is the time to act to protect our most outstanding and ecologically significant waters, click here to learn more and send your message to the MDEQ and the Commission on Environmental Quality.Raleigh Hoke is GRN’s Mississippi Organizer

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