Protect Our Coasts and Climate

From rising sea levels to stronger storms and ocean acidification, the Gulf of Mexico’s communities, wildlife and ecosystems are already dealing with the consequences of climate change. For our sake and for future generations, we need to take action to prevent its worst impacts. EPA is currently considering pollution standards for climate change-causing carbon pollution. Can you take a minute totell them to protect our communitiesby setting strong carbon pollution standards for power plants? 40% of US carbon pollution comes from power plants. Yet, these facilities currently have no limits on how much of this pollution they can release into the atmosphere.UrgeEPA to take action to curb this pollution now.Between sea level rise and coastal land loss, the Gulf’s communities are more and more at risk every time a hurricane slams into the coast.In southeast Louisiana, coastal residents are facing the highest relative sea level rise in the world. And according to a recent study, many communities along the Gulf are experiencing higher high tides than ever before in part due to climate change, leaving them more vulnerable to coastal flooding and storm surges.Right now,EPA has the opportunity to take some overdue steps to curb climate change-causing carbon pollution.Tell EPA to protect our coast and communities by adopting strong carbon pollution limits for power plants.Steve Murchie is GRN’s Campaign Director.

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