Protect the Pearl River

Imagine for a moment that your county officials wanted to spend your tax dollars on a project that would destroy important wetlands, and harm Mississippi’s vital recreational and commercial fishing industry, even as these same officials were slashing budgets for schools, police officers and libraries. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it? Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening in Pearl River County, Mississippi!Pearl River officials are moving forward with a destructive and expensive plan to build a dam on East Hobolochitto Creek, a significant tributary of the Pearl River. The proposed dam would destroy almost 600 acres of wetlands – which help protect local communities from flooding – and ultimately reduce freshwater and sediment flows in the Pearl River. This could have a big impact on the coastal economy and environment, as well as efforts to restore disappearing wetlands along the coast. However, it’s not too late to halt this destructive boondoggle – if you are a Mississippi resident please click here to send a personal message to your legislators!Mississippi’s vital recreational and commercial fishing industries rely on freshwater from the Pearl River to sustain the coastal estuaries which are important breeding grounds for the fish we like to catch and eat. Oysters harvests can also be impacted by the level of freshwater in coastal areas. In fact, increased levels of salt have helped to devastate the industry in Alabama, reducing the annual catch from 800,000 pounds to just 75,000. Plus, sediments from the Pearl River nourish the same coastal marshes which protect nearby communities from storm surge!It’s time for Pearl River County leaders to step back and consider the consequences of their actions to the coast and economy. If you are a Mississippi resident, you can help by sending a message to your senators and representative asking them to protect the Pearl River: Hoke is GRN’s Mississippi Organizer

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