Wave Maker’s News: Is Cleaner Water in Florida’s Future?

Over the last few months, GRN’s Healthy Waters Team has been busy fighting to keep the rivers, bayous and streams of the Gulf region safe for ourselves and future generations. From working to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in Florida’s waters, to holding the Army Corps of Engineers accountable for protecting coastal wetlands, GRN is committed to preserving and enhancing our healthy waters and communities.For more info about our recent efforts and successes, check out this issue of Wave Maker’s News:http://healthygulf.org/files_reports/publications/wave_makers/wavemakernewsmarch2010.pdfIn this edition, you can read about new efforts to protect Florida’s waters from algal blooms, an ill-conceived project to build a prison in a coastal flood zone, continuing work to stop the Kemper County, Mississippi coal plant and mine, threatened wetlands near MR-GO, upcoming Aveda Earth Month festivities, and a new process for citizens to nominate their favorite waters as “Outstanding” in Mississippi!Click here to check it out:

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