Resisting Dirty Energy Campaign 2023 Grant Applications Now Open

Healthy Gulf’s Resisting Dirty Energy Campaign expands movement support and provides technical assistance to build opposition to proposed new or expanded petrochemical infrastructure. Since late 2021, the Resisting Dirty Energy Community Advised Fund has provided direct support to partner groups opposing the expansion of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Our goal is to stop, delay, or reduce oil, gas, and petrochemical development through building the capacity of frontline leaders by providing technical and organizing support for Texas and Louisiana Gulf communities.

We are excited to announce a call for applications for the 2023 grant cycle, which will focus on supporting both new and existing efforts led by frontline communities to block the expansion of more than 120 proposed petrochemical projects concentrated in Louisiana and Texas. These grants are available in $10,000, $15,000, and $20,000 amounts and are provided through the support of Beyond Petrochemicals

This application is open to Gulf coast frontline groups that operate at an annual budget below $500,000, with a preference for groups with 501(c)3 status.

Application deadline: August 1, 2023

Highlights from 2022 grant cycle:

The 2022 grant cycle awarded 14 grants to frontline, grassroots, faith-based and community organizations and individuals to execute projects that work against industry build out on the Gulf coasts of Texas and Louisiana. Testimonies from some of the 2022

“The funding provided by this organization has allowed Community Partners to do more in the black community by meeting people where they are. I was able to curate and host events that were fun and innovative but once the attendees attended, they received more than a few hours of fun and food. We believe in feeding people for a lifetime by education which is the only way to make their lives better. The workshops and activities have them waiting for the next event or a continuation of events by Community Partners. If door prizes were given, attendees had to answer questions about the environment or environmental justice issues in order to win them. This caused them to pay attention and compete. Even the Senior citizens took notes to increase their chances of winning!”
Tasha Guidry, Community Partners, pictures from the organization’s Pretty in Pink Power Brunch in Jan. 2023
“Helping organizing frontline communities in South and West Dallas has been tremendously impactful. Our efforts have helped share the City of Dallas’ ForwardDallas initiative with communities their outreach has not targeted, while also organizing residents in a manner that helps amplify their concerns and priorities to government officials and the industrial polluters causing neighborhoods environmental harm.”
Marsha Jackson, Southern Sector Rising | Neighborhood Self-Defense Project
“Receiving the grant funds in January of 2023 we have begun to allocate funds for needed materials and startup equipment. We are still in the filing process, with the assistance and partnership of Lone Star Legal, making amendments to our original writ for our Bylaws. I believe that just receiving the grant alone has secured the endeavors of the Association with plans of community engagements and program adoptions and developments geared to the needs of the neighbors of the community. We have drafted a two-year budget with the funds granted, which includes the contained planning and development of the SECPGHCA Community Garden & Orchard, SECPGHCA Farmers and Crafts Market, SECPGHCA Organization Insurance, and other planned sponsored or participating in like the National Night Out, NAACP Annual Gala, and other community schools, groups and organizations.” 
Christopher Jones, South End Charlton-Pollard Greater Historic Community Association
Application deadline: August 1, 2023
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