The Gulf Future Campaign is making appearances across the country

On July 1st, GRN launched the Gulf Future Campaign at live music events across the country. Wildly successful, these events helped to raise awareness for the communities along the coast.Now this campaign has teamed up with Reverb to talk to folks attending concerts this summer. Gulf Future will have tables set up in the Reverb Eco-Villages at Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, and John Mayer concerts throughout the summer. To find out where and when visit Reverb.orgAlso, long time GRN supporter Stanton Moore, drummer for Galactic, is promoting Gulf Future this August at his drum clinics in California and Florida. He hopes that people will come out to learn a drum lesson and walk away with a whole lot more. Information about the campaign will also be available at Garage A Trois concerts in August.If you’re going to one of these concerts or drum clinics stop by to speak with GRN volunteers about how you can help make a difference for coastal communities.Supporters who make a donation at these events will receive a petroleum-free wristband to show their solidarity with the people of the Gulf Coast.For more information about the campaign, events, and how people can get involved visit

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